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Chad Smith is self-motivated, and a hard worker writer. He has researched in different fields. He has written many blogs about different topics but focuses on technology.

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Top Ten Worst Prisons in Oklahoma

Let's take a serious look at Oklahoma's jails. One tough place is the Oklahoma State Penitentiary, nicknamed 'Big Mac.' It started in 1908 with just 50 people but now holds up to 750. There's a history of fights and gang problems.

Top ten worst prisons in Louisiana

 Enter the dark corners of Louisiana's correctional system, where...

Top Ten Worst Prisons in Illinois

There are a number of jails in central Illinois, and each one has its unique history. These locations are about more than simply statistics; they are about the stories and paths of individuals.

Top Ten Eyeglasses Brands in Pakistan

Take a fascinating trip through the world of superior eyeglasses and immerse yourself in the alluring combination of fashion and vision with the "Top Ten Eyeglasses Brands in Pakistan." These companies have established themselves as the pinnacle of sophisticated eyewear.