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This article is about the movies to watch on Halloween. The below-mentioned movies are the best movies to enjoy on Halloween. These include romance, horror, thrill, poetry, music, and whatnot. Watching any of these movies won’t make you regret or feel bad. 

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Halloween (Introduction and Origin)

In the early 20th century, Irish and Scottish groups revived the ancient international custom of “guising,” someone might dress in costume and tell a funny story, recite a poem, or carry out some other trick in exchange for a piece of fruit or another treat. This led to trick-or-treating, in which children dress up and ask neighbors for treats, becoming popular in the United States. Trick-or-treating for candy had become one of Halloween’s most well-known traditions by 1950.

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Top Ten Movies to Watch on Halloween

1. Practical Magic

Practical Magic is a romantic comedy fantasy film based on the novel by Alice Hoffman. It is a story of two sisters raised by their aunts after their parents died. Their aunts taught them to do practical Magic. They were members of Owens’ family, and this family carried a curse that whichever man fell in love with them would die. Now these ladies with different powers will have to fight the curse. Seeing someone fighting a curse would be great on Halloween.

Practical Magic Movie Cover. Halloween

2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This is a classic Halloween watch film. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is based on the show of the same name from 1973. The story is about a couple of young girls and a young boy. They are going somewhere. Rain starts pouring, and they have to stop near a castle. Strangers are present in the castle, dressed in strange costumes. The couple later discovers that the castle’s owner is an insane scientist named Dr. Frank N. Furter.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie cover. Halloween

3. Silence of the Lamb

This is fun as well as scary to watch a movie about a psychic killer on Halloween. Silence of the Lambs is the story of FBI agent Clarice Starling’s search for a serial killer. However, she needs to understand how a serial killer’s mind functions if she wants to think like one. When Agent Clarice Starling first encounters Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, she must deal with the cunning, intellectual, and strategic mind of a brilliant psychiatrist who prefers to eat people rather than pasta. Clarice needs to understand how that kind of thinking operates to find a serial killer, and Hannibal Lecter’s deranged mind is the ideal classroom for her to do so.

The Silence of the Lamb movie cover. Halloween

4. Death Becomes Her

Death becomes her is a revenge story you can enjoy on Halloween evening. This movie is about a novelist and an actress. They used to love the same person but also hated each other. The novelist married the man. The novelist later loses her husband to that movie star and ends herself in a mental hospital. Years later, she comes back home glowing to confront the newlyweds. The actress asks what her secret is. It is revealed that it involves a mystery medicine that gives its drinkers eternal life. The actress does the same but learns that immortality comes with a cost.

Death Become Her Movie cover. Halloween

5. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is a Halloween movie you can watch with your family. In this story, the main character is Linus, who is thumb-sucking and holding a blanket. He is famous for his endearing belief in the “Great Pumpkin.” After learning that no one else thinks the Pumpkin exists, Linus decides to spend the night alone in a pumpkin patch to demonstrate that the monster exists.

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Movie cover. Halloween

6. Hocus Pocus

A movie about witches is all you need, even more than candies for Halloween. This movie is about three witches who come back to life after 300 years to wreak retribution and start a reign of terror after Max, a little boy who moves to Salem with his family, ignites a tainted Candle of Black Flame. Teenage Max Dennison, his sister Dani, and their new friend Allison explore an abandoned mansion after moving to Salem, Massachusetts. Max unintentionally sets free a coven of evil witches who had resided in the house after dismissing Allison’s tale as superstition. To prevent themselves from becoming immortal, the children must now take the witches’ spell book with the aid of a magical cat.

Hocus Pocus Movie cover. Halloween

7. Psycho

It is a psychological horror thriller, and it is a deadly combination for Halloween evening. During a torrential downpour, Phoenix secretary Marion Crane, who has stolen $40,000 from her work to flee with her boyfriend Sam Loomis, collapses from fatigue. She stops for the night in the run-down Bates Motel after taking a detour from the main roadways to evade the police, where she meets the amiable but tense owner Norman Bates, a young man with a fascination with taxidermy and a tense relationship with his mother.

Psycho Movie Cover. Halloween

8. Mean Girls

Mean Girls is added to the must-watch-on-halloween list because of its dramatic story. The movie centers on Cady Heron, a home-schooled teenager. Cady finally attends public school after her family relocates to the suburbs of Illinois, and she quickly learns about the harsh, unspoken rules of popularity that separate her fellow kids into close-knit cliques. Unknowingly, Cady finds herself in the good graces of the “Plastics,” an exclusive club of popular students. However, she soon learns how her shallow new friends became known as “the Plastics.”

Mean Girls movie cover. Halloween

9. Scooby-Doo and Ghoul School

The movie ends with a lesson followed by the iconic characters Scooby and Shaggy. Scooby accepts a position as a gym teacher at a highly dubious girls’ finishing school with his slightly more adventurous nephew Scrappy Doo and hygienically challenged human companion Shaggy. The fearless three discover themselves in a classroom full of ghosts and creatures after being locked inside the building in the dark of night. There’s nothing better than watching these characters on Halloween evening.

Scooby Doo and Ghoul School Movie cover. Halloween

10. Spontaneous

Spontaneous is a romantic black comedy horror film, and horror is the part that makes it a must-watch for Halloween. Seniors Mara and Dylan fight for survival in a world where every second could be their last after students at their high school mysteriously start to explode. They quickly learn that since tomorrow is no longer certain, they may start living for today as an unanticipated romance between them grows.

Spontaneous Movie Cover. Halloween


You’re sure to have a chilling and engaging movie marathon with this exciting collection of Halloween films! This collection ensures a beguiling time for all fans of horror and fantasy, from the spine-chilling tension of “Psycho” to the enchanted laughter of “Hocus Pocus,” and the darkly humorous “Death Becomes Her.” So turn down the lights, grab some popcorn, and get ready for an unforgettable, hair-raising movie experience.


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